Saturday | 28.11.20

Monthly Screenings
Tarab - The Peak of Musical Emotion
Oum Kalthoum, La Voix du Caire
Dir.: Xavier Villetard | 53 minutes

Other Screenings

Oum Kalthoum - The Star of the Orient and the Secret Behind Her Magic

Lecture (in Heb.) by:  Hagai Bilitzky

Concert by: The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Representative Oriental Music Ensemble directed by Hagai Bilitzky

In the program:   “Ghanni Li Shwayya Shwayya”, “ Il-Ward Jamil” and more

France 2016 | 53 minutes | French, Arabic | Hebrew, French subtitles

This is the journey of the renowned diva Oum Kalthoum from a village in the Nile Delta to the peak of world culture, starting with religious songs through popular songs to the creation of her unique and groundbreaking style. Poets, composers, performers and acquaintances describe the Egyptian singer and actress’ personality, and try to decipher the secret to her success. She gave her all on stage, but at the same time maintained her privacy, she was a feminist and a conservative, and she managed to win over the hearts and minds of the Egyptian people as well as its rulers. Using rare archival footage, the film presents a broader view of the musical world of Cairo of the last century. More than 40 years after her death, Oum Kalthoum remains a national icon, and the mystery surrounding her complex character continues to fascinate.