Friday | 14.08.20

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Song of the Wind – Music of the Pampas
Dir.: Carlos Saura | 85 minutes

Other Screenings

From Folklore to Representative Stage Performance Art – An Interpretive Perspective on Argentina’s Musical Folklore Narrative

Lecture (in Heb.) by: Dr. Nathan Furmanski

Concert performed by the guitarists Ariel Mesh, Dario Acosta Teich and Natan Furmanski requinto, charango, bombo

In the program: Original compositions and guitar arrangements from the Argentine popular-folklore repertoire.

Argentina, Spain, France 2015 | 85 minutes | Spanish | Hebrew, English subtitles

The film explores the heart of traditional Argentine folklore via a series of choreographed tableaux retracing a history rich in original culture. The unique mise-en-scène of the dance mixed with awe-inspiring traditional songs performed by the greatest bands and singers make it a new reference. Poetic, riveting and moving, this live performance choreographed by Carlos Saura calls on the country’s entire history, set to the tune of guitars and accordions; or in the words of Carlos Saura himself: “I always had the urge to shoot Argentinian music, especially for the wealth of its zambas and chacareras, what you call folklore…I will create a film that is not only for aficionados but for all lovers of music and dance – as well as those who especially liked Carmen or Tango. In a word, my desire is to create a cinematic experience unlike any other.”