Monday | 21.09.20

Monthly Screenings
The Festival of Animated Film on Tour 2018
90 minutes

Other Screenings

90 minutes | English subtitles

A selection of the best animated short films from the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film. 

Outdoors (France 2017)

Dir.: Anne Castaldo, Sarah Chalek, Elsa Nesme, Adrien Rouquie | A very old apartment dweller steps out of her cage and into the big city after her pet bird is accidentally set free.

Fluzd (Germany 2017)

Dir.: Michael Fragstein | A mousetrap snaps shut. A group of men debate how to kill the animal. Until a stranger suggests letting the creature loose. A voice of reason? Or the sickest manipulator of them all?

Late Afternoon (Ireland 2017)

Dir.: Louise Bagnall | Emily has to look into her past in order to connect with the present.

Animanimals – Sloth (Germany 2017)

Dir.: Julia Ocker | The Animanimals are animals with quaint foibles. The sloth likes to buy ice cream. But it moves too slow.

Voyager (France 2017)

A tiger, escaping his hunter, ends up in a space station occupied by an astronaut and his goldfish.

The Green Bird (France 2017)

A Green Bird lays its first egg. It’s going to try everything to make it hatch