Wednesday | 19.09.18

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Israel at 70 from the Perspective of the Arab World
The Writer – Ep.7
Dir.: Shay Capon | Series creator: Sayed Kashua | 30 minutes

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Dr. Assaf David and writer Marzouq Alhalabi in conversation (in Heb.) on perceptions of Israel in the Arab circle – from bright spots in the relations between Israel and its neighbors to the complexities of these relationships, how peace agreements and wars between states are reflected in the relationships between the people, and has The Arab Spring changed how Israel is perceived. 

Israel 2015 | 30 minutes

Sayed Kashua’s brilliant series presented a direct and sober look at Kashua's relationship with himself, his family, and especially the country he lives in. In this episode, Kateb travels to a writers' festival in Italy and finds himself trapped between his different identities.