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July 12th July 21st, 1990

Opening Film: The Appointed by Daniel Wachsmann

Guests: Sijiri Bakaba, Ayala Bakaba, Jiri Menzel, Paulus Manker, Gianni Amelio, Herbert Kline, Lucian Pintilie, Andras Suranyi, Henry Jaglom, Vladimir Alenikov, Jim Hoberman, Derek Malcolm

Israeli Cinema - Wolgin Awards

Best Israeli Feature:

The Appointed by Daniel Wachsmann
Laura Adler’s Last Love Affair by Avram Heffner

Best Israeli Documentary:

Look at All the Lonely People by Asher Tlalim

Best Short Film:

Look Out by Dina Zvi Riklis

Other Israeli titles include:
Avoth Yeshrun – 1990 by Amir Harel
Dado by Uri Goldstein
Army Leave by Eitan Fuchs

Important Titles:
Love at Large by Alan Rudolph
I want to Go Home by Alain Resnais
A TV Dante by Peter Greenway & Tom Phillips
Vincent and Theo by Robert Altman
The Cook, the Thief, his Wife & her Lover by Peter Greenway
Sweetie by Jane Campion
Larks on a Strings by Jiri Menzel
Roger and Me by Michael Moore
Rouge by Stanley Kwan
To Sleep with Anger by Charles Burnett
Hidden Agenda by Ken Loach
The Owl's Legacy by Chris Marker
Notebook on Cities and Cloths by Wim Wenders
Ariel, The Match Factory Girl & Leningrad Cowboys Go America by Aki Kaurismaki

Important Discoveries:
Focus on Recent Soviet Cinema
Homage to Mikio Naruse