Friday | 14.06.24

Monthly Screenings
Awards for International Cinema
The International Competition, courtesy of the Jerusalem Foundation
The Nechama Rivilin Award for Best International Film courtesy of Ronald S. and Jo Carole Lauder, through the Jerusalem Foundation
International First Film Award
GWFF Award for Best First Film Feature
In the Spirit of Freedom Awards
Cummings Award for Best Feature Film
MKR Award for Best Documentary Film
Awards for Israeli Cinema
Haggiag Competition for Full-Length Israeli Feature Films
Haggiag Award for Best Feature through the Jerusalem Foundation
GWFF Award for Best First Film
Dalia Sigan Award for Best Script
Anat Pirchi Award for Best Actor
Diamond Competition for Full-Length Israeli Documentary Films 
Diamond Award for Best Documentary Film
Diamond Award for Best Director of a Documentary Film
Best Documentary Research Award
Awards for Israeli Cinema
Yossi Mulla Award for Best Original Score
Diamond Award for Best Editing
Aaron Emanuel Award for Best Cinematography
Audience Choice Award
Diamond Competition for Israeli Shorts Competition
Diamond Award for Best Live Action Film
Shagrir Family Award for Best Documentary Film
Shagrir Family Award for a Promising Filmmaker
The Bell-Bielski Family award for Best Performer
The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund - The Jerusalem Development Authority Award for Best Animation Film
The Israeli Video Art and Experimental Film Competition
The Lia van Leer Award courtesy of Rivka Saker

Jerusalem Pitch Point 2022 Awards

The Jerusalem Foundation Award

The Wouter Barendrecht - Lia van Leer Award

Cinelab Studios Post-Production Grant

EDIT Studios Post-Production Services for Full-Length and Short Film

DB Studios Post-Production Services for Full-Length and Short Film

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund Award for Best Short Script

The High School Student Award in Memory of Wim van Leer, Courtesy of the Nathan Cummings Foundation

The JEA Award for a Jerusalem-Based Film

The Chantal Akerman Award courtesy of Ostrovsky Family Fund


The Jerusalem-based Filmmaker Award will be granted to Udi Lion