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Oh Là Là! – Festival of French Comedy 2017

Laugh out loud; laugh from the heart; laughter that will bring you to tears; laughter as a form of release. Satire, adventures, dark humor, and romance – we are happy to share these moments of French humor with you.

Le sens de la fête

Dir.: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
| 115 minutes

The team behind The Intouchables returns with a new audacious adventure, this time following the lives of the participants and organizers of a grand wedding party held in an 18th century French castle, where everything that can go awry does. 

Boudu sauvé des eaux

Dir.: Jean Renoir
| 93 minutes

A Parisian antiquarian bookseller saves Boudu, a magnificently scruffy tramp, from suicide in the Seine. Boudu insists his rescuer is now responsible for him... 

Il a déjà tes yeux

Dir.: Lucien Jean-Baptiste
| 95 minutes

Paul and Sali are happily married and everything would be perfect if only they had a child. After an extensive wait they get the long waited phone call: their adoption has been approved. He’s a cute 6-month-old baby and he’s white. So what if they are not? 

Ouvert la nuit

Dir.: Edouard Baer
| 97 minutes

Luigi has one night to save his theatre: one night to find the right ape for the role.… One night to regain the trust and respect of his staff, best friend, and business partner…. One night to change one’s perspective…. 

Zazie dans le metro

Dir.: Louis Malle
| 89 minutes

Zazie, a young girl visiting her aunt in Paris, has no ambition greater than to ride on the Metro. Her desire is thwarted by a strike, but she does manage to have an enchanting series of encounters with the people of Paris. 

Cherchez la femme

Dir.: Sou Abadi
| 88 minutes

Armand and Leila’s relationship is put to the test when Leila’s older brother returns from Yemen and tries to separate the two. 

Encore heureux

Dir.: Benoît Graffin
| 93 minutes

Marie is fed up with her husband’s light mindedness and is tempted by a handsome mysterious young man. Though she is keeping this fragile balance for now, an unexpected event will completely derail her life. 

L’embarras du choix

Dir.: Eric Lavaine
| 95 minutes

Life is full of big and small decisions. Juliette’s problem is that she just cannot make any decisions what so ever and asks her family and friends to make her decisions for her. But no one will be able to help her when she meets two men…. 

Mr & Mme Adelman

Dir.: Nicolas Bedos
| 120 minutes

A young biographer is intrigued by the suspicious passing of a famous writer, and asks the writer’s wife and muse to tell him their story. Their 50 years of companionship, full of love, jealousy, and betrayal, unfolds.