Monday | 18.01.21

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Oh Là Là! – Festival of French Comedy

Laugh out loud; laugh from the heart; laughter that will bring you to tears; laughter as a form of release. Satire, adventures, dark humor, and romance - we are happy to share these moments of French humor with you.

Just Retired

Dir.: Fabrice Bracq
| 96 minutes

Marilou and Philippe are finally retiring and contemplating spending their golden years in Portugal. But when their children find out about their retirement, they have different plans for the couple.... A charming film that takes joy in the chemistry between the two leads. 

Venise n’est pas en Italie

Dir.: Ivan Calbérac
| 95 minutes

Emile is fifteen and lives with his sweet-crazy father and a mother who dyes his hair blond. When the girl he likes invites him to Venice to hear her play, he is overjoyed. But then his parents decide to join them….

In the presence of director Michel Leclerc

Battle of the Classes

Dir.: Michel Leclerc
| 103 minutes

She’s a lawyer. He’s a non-conformist with an adolescent attitude. Both want the best for their son and so they decide to enroll him in a public high school. Battle of the Classes is a witty and thought-provoking drama about the confrontation of values and socials divides. 

The Shiny Shrimps

Dir.: Cédric Le Gallo, Maxime Govare
| 100 minutes

An Olympic champion makes a homophobic statement and has in turn to coach the Shiny Shrimps, a flamboyant and amateur gay water-polo team. The Shrimps are not the most successful team, nor do they always play for the win – sometimes even having fun is enough. 

Made in China

Dir.: Julien Abraham
| 88 minutes

A father to be, François is finally ready to make amends with his own father, a Chinese immigrant still living in Paris’ China Town. But the path to healing is long and winding. 

The Miser

Dir.: Jean Girault, Louis de Funès
| 125 minutes

Harpagon’s children are each in love. Things become even more complicated when Harpagon announces his wish to marry the woman his son is in love with. A wonderful adaptation of Molière’s play. 

Convoi Exceptionnel

Dir.: Bertrand Blier
| 82 minutes

Two men meet in the midst of a traffic jam and discuss the script of the film they both star in. So begins this satire on cinema, life, and death. Bertrand Blier enjoys ruffling the cinematic delusion and customs and humorously observing gender roles to present this agile work.


Dir.: Lisa Azuelos
| 87 minutes

Héloïse is at a breaking point; her baby girl is about to graduate and spread her wings. Héloïse decides she has to document every moment with her daughter. But this new obsession will test their relationship. A superb performance and the loving script produce this comical drama.

Fathers and Sons

Dir.: Félix Moati
| 90 minutes

When Joseph’s brother dies, he decides it is time for a change. He is not the only one feeling insecure about life; his two sons are also searching for their own path. Fathers and Sons is a triumphant comic drama that looks at the male psyche with empathy and humor.