Friday | 10.07.20

Monthly Screenings

New Films

Max Rose

Dir.: Daniel Noah
| 83 minutes

A widowed jazz musician is troubled by evidence that his wife was having an affair. Daniel Noah’s debut film is a family melodrama that describes Max’s journey. The film’s greatest strength comes from the presence of the magnificent Jerry Lewis.

Lucia’s Grace

Dir.: Gianni Zanasi
| 110 minutes

Lucia, a single mother, struggles to find the right balance between her teenage daughter, a complicated relationship, and her career. A meeting with a mysterious woman, identifying as the Virgin Mary, will force Lucia to reexamine her life. Lucia’s Grace is an exceptional and surprising comedy. 

Everybody Knows

Dir.: Asghar Farhadi
| 133 minutes

In a tranquil Spanish village, a series of characters, among them an ex-couple, gather for a family celebration. The light festivities pave the way for a suspenseful drama that puts first impressions under doubt. Everybody Knows offers an elaborated script and an exceptional cast.

And Breathe Normally

Dir.: Ísold Uggadóttir
| 102 minutes

An Icelandic drama, winner of the Best Director Award at Sundance. An encounter between Lara, a passport security officer, and Adja, a refugee from Guinea-Bissau, leads to a unique relationship that crosses cultural boundaries.

Gloria Bell

Dir.: Sebastian Lelio
| 102 minutes

Gloria, a 60-plus divorcee from LA with two grownup kids and a nagging mother, meets Arnold in a dance club. He’s also divorced and looking for a connection. The beginning is hesitant, but will lead to glorious independence. 


Dir.: Javier Fesser
| 124 minutes

To avoid a two year prison sentence, Marco agrees to do community work with a team of disabled players. Now, he will do everything he can to make them into champions and to prove what “normal” really is. 

At Eternity’s Gate

Dir.: Julian Schnabel
| 111 minutes

In 1888, Vincent van Gogh leaves Paris for the south of France. It is an illustrious creative period that will define the artists and the period in which Juilan Schnabel focuses on in this unique impressionist biography. The result is a mesmerizing work.

Red Joan

Dir.: Trevor Nunn
| 101 minutes

When 80-plus year old Joan Stanley is exposed as a spy for the KGB, she recalls how, as a young student in Cambridge, she was swayed into becoming a spy. Based on a true story and with the tremendous Judi Dench, Trevor Nunn presents this fine British drama. 

Long Shot

Dir.: Jonathane Levine
| 125 minutes

When an idealistic reporter runs into his first crush and one of the most influential women in the world, sparks fly.