Tuesday | 11.08.20

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New Films

Three Identical Strangers

Dir.: Tim Wardle
| 96 minutes

In 1980, three strangers find out that they are in fact triplets. As they begin to dig into the past, they unveil a most unsettling plot. This blockbuster documentary asks essential questions about identity, heredity, and upbringing. 


Dir.: Nadav Lapid
| 120 minutes

Yoav, a young Israeli, turns up in Paris, hopeful that France and the French language will save him from the madness of his country. Synonyms is an exciting, sensual and piercing work, a direct and combative satire. Synonyms was Berlinale’s big winner.

On the Basis of Sex

Dir.: Mimi Leder
| 116 minutes

On the Basis of Sex follows the early days of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she maneuvered through professional and personal struggles to become the beacon of social rights. An effective drama that combines the courtroom genre with the personal sides of this iconic character. 

Green Book

Dir.: Peter Farrelly
| 130 minutes

When an African American musical prodigy sets off on a tour of 1960s American South, he enlists the services of an Italian American bouncer. The meeting between these vastly different men, on the backdrop of racial tensions, blossoms into a beautiful friendship. Oscar winner for Best Film. 

Welcome to Marwen

Dir.: Robert Zemeckis
| 116 minutes

A victim of a brutal attack finds a unique therapeutic way to deal with the trauma – staging scenes from WWII, with an ultra-ego and a group of brave beautiful women. Directed with grad visual ingenuity, Welcome to Marwen is a treat for the eyes and mind. 

Good Morning Son

Dir.: Sharon Bar Ziv
| 81 minutes

Omri, a young soldier, was injured in a military operation. His loving family and loyal friends are fighting to bring him back to life. They all go through emotional, funny and human moments which connect them to Omri and to each other.

Fig Tree

Dir.: Alam-Warque Davidian
| 93 minutes

Civil-war-torn Ethiopia. Mina is trying to navigate between a reality dictated by war and the last days of youth with her boyfriend Eli. When she discovers that her family is planning to immigrate to Israel, she weaves a plan to save Eli. 

Sink or Swim

Dir.: Gilles Lellouche
| 118 minutes

A group of middle-aged men decides to establish an all-male synchronized swimming team. The demanding training is nothing compared to the challenges of life. “A surefooted crowd-pleaser with enough warmth and the committed talents of a stellar ensemble cast” (Screen International).

Ramen Shop

Dir.: Eric Khoo
| 89 minutes

Masato is a young ramen chef who leaves Japan to explore his family’s history and culinary delights in Singapore. A reunion with his estranged grandmother will bring forth long forgotten stories and memories from the Japanese occupation of Singapore.

What If...

Dir.: Christopher Papakaliatis
| 111 minutes

The plot moves in two parallel axes, stemming from one decision that the film’s protagonist makes: whether he will go on an evening walk with his dog or not. Papakaliatis skillfully shifts the film, combining different genres, and the result is a pleasant drama.