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Neo Noir

Blood Simple

Dir.: Joel Coen
| 95 minutes

A husband hires a private detective to do away with his wife and her lover. The Coen brother's script advances in a straight line, the characters are outrages, the sense of humor is wicked, the dialogue is superb, and the visuals are extraordinary. 

The Housemaid

Dir.: Im Sang-soo
| 107 minutes

A contemporary film noir centered on the tension that arises in a wealthy home when a new maid joins the household. Thanks to the witty direction that moves from the dramatic to dark directions, the result manages to combine plot momentum with social criticism.

Mulholland Drive

Dir.: David Lynch
| 146 minutes

Mulholland Drive sets up a confrontation between two women – one a naive young aspiring actress, and the other a mysterious woman who lost her memory in a car accident on the notorious winding roads of the Hollywood hills. 

L.A. Confidential

Dir.: Curtis Hanson
| 129 minutes

With a complex narrative and an outstanding ensemble, L.A. Confidential takes a smooth ride down the mean streets of 1950s Los Angeles. Easily considered one of the best films of the past two decades, this marvelous film noir is an entertaining ride you do not want to miss.

Devil in a Blue Dress

Dir.: Carl Franklin
| 101 minutes

In a black neighborhood in 1940s L.A., Izzy, a former soldier and now private eye, goes out searching for a black femme fatale who had been the mayor's mistress. He stumbles into affairs of murder and political corruption. Carl Franklin exploreד issues of race and discrimination in America. 


Dir.: Lana & Lilly Wachowski
| 104 minutes

Korki is a lesbian ex-con that spent 5 years in jail. Violet is the wife of a well-known gangster. The two fall madly in love, and quickly they find themselves close to two million Dollars belonging to the Mafia... 

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Dir.: Ridley Scott
| 112 minutes

The futuristic plot of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece unfolds like a 1940s film noir: Harrison Ford is a detective in L.A. in the year 2020. He is hired to track down and eliminate androids – human replicates with superhuman strength. 


Dir.: Luc Besson
| 102 minutes

The beautiful wife of a wealthy businessman descends into the world of the Paris Metro in search of the tough-looking punk who broke into her husband's safe. With a frenzied plot and a typical combination of humor and suspense, Subway made Luc Besson a star director. 

Body Heat

Dir.: Lawrence Kasdan
| 113 minutes

When a handsome, young lawyer falls for a beautiful woman married to a wealthy, old businessman - the result is murder. Kasdan uses film noir conventions - a lustrous, rich, rough design and a handful of irony – to present this effective and somewhat dirty thriller. 

The Last Seduction

Dir.: John Dahl
| 105 minutes

Bridget steals her husband's money and leaves New York. She meets Mike, he falls in love with her. But Mike has no idea about Bridget's past or her plans to use him to get rid of her husband. A modern, complex, and polished film noir.


Dir.: Roman Polanski
| 131 minutes

A private eye is led into an intricate and volatile case by a femme fatale. Chinatown is Polanski at his very best - the plot moves forward, the characters are complex, and the cinematic language is flawless, with a superior control of the camera work, pace, and story twists.

The American Friend

Dir.: Wim Wenders
| 127 minutes

The American Friend is a suspenseful statement about American gangster films and the Americanization of European cinema and lifestyles. The story centers on a German picture-framer hired to assassinate a mobster.