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In Memory of Jonathan Demme

A program dedicated to the director who passed away last month and who made some of the greatest films in the 1980s and 1990s.

Something Wild

Dir.: Jonathan Demme
| 114 minutes

A square investment broker is taken by a hip young lady on a ride into the American countryside, resulting in a series of events first humorous and then less and less so.

Ricki and the Flash

Dir.: Johnathan Demme
| 100 minutes

A musician, who gave up on her family to realize her Rock ‘n’ Roll dream, returns home after a long absence. Now, she has to deal with those she left behind. 

Rachel Getting Married

Dir.: Jonathan Demme
| 114 minutes

On the occasion of her sister Rachel‘s wedding, Kim gets a day off from rehab. Her constant need for attention and self-destructive character, along with a couple of family kinks that were never worked out, turn the day into a powerfully emotional family event. 

The Silence of the Lambs

Dir.: Jonathan Demme
| 118 minutes

A young FBI agent is sent to convince a serial killer to assist the Bureau with an investigation. The relationship between the Agent and murderer will challenge everything they know. The Silence of the Lambs is a classic that should not be missed. 

Married to the Mob

Dir.: Jonathan Demme
| 105 minutes

Demme’s crazy comedy about a housewife whose gangster husband is knocked off by the “boss.” She then becomes involved with two men – the “boss” and a FBI agent. 


Dir.: Jonathan Demme
| 122 minutes

Andrew, a young, brilliant lawyer claims he’s been fired because he has AIDS and decides to sue the prestigious firm which employed him. As the trial progresses, a profound friendship develops between him and his lawyer.

Stop Making Sense

Dir.: Jonathan Demme
| 88 minutes

Composed of three Talking Heads concerts in Toronto, the film captures the extra-ordinary personality (and wardrobe) of David Byrne. Jonathan Demme’s intelligent directing, combined with the charismatic performance of the band’s lead singer, create a unique and sweeping extravaganza.