Wednesday | 25.05.22

Monthly Screenings

Human Factors

Dir.: Ronny Trocker
| 102 minutes

Nina and Jan, a French-German couple, run a thriving advertising agency. But a new political client forces the two into a head-on confrontation. To quell the rising tensions, they decide to take their children to their summer vacation home in pastoral surroundings. The family retreat takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious burglar manages to throw the family off balance.

Fire in the Mountains

Dir.: Ajitpal Singh
| 84 minutes

In a Himalayan village, a mother works hard to save money for her wheelchair-bound son’s physiotherapy treatment. But her husband, who believes in a costly shamanic cure, steals her savings.


Dir.: Milica Tomovic
| 106 minutes

Belgrade, 1993. Marijana throws a sleepover party in honor of her daughter’s 8th birthday, with family and fellow parents in attendance. Taking advantage of the rare opportunity their children are kept entertained in the other room, the parents open a few bottles in the kitchen and enjoy their reunion.