Sunday | 16.05.21

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The best of Czech and Czechoslovak cinema, new ones and films from the golden era of the 1960s. The special guest of the Czech Film Week will be the President of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Mr. Jiří Bartoška, who will personally present his film, The Tiger Theory, in which he plays the main role.

The White Dove

Dir.: Frantisek Vlácil
| 76 minutes

A poetic masterpiece that uses the day-to-day to reshape reality through the perspectives of the protagonists: a boy in a wheelchair that shot a white dove and an artist that picks up the dove and, together with the boy, mends it back to health.

Forgotten Light

Dir.: Vladimír Michálek
| 105 minutes

Communist Czechoslovakia, 1980s. A village priest tries to stop the closure of the local cathedral by members of the party and corrupt senior clergymen. Forgotten Light is an excellent drama that offers a closer look at the twilight of Communism. 


Dir.: Jirí Havelka
| 97 minutes

A meeting of the residence of a crumbling building meeting; on the one side those interested in saving the structure; on the other side the rest of them. The back and forth between the sides spins out of control and offers some witty observations and more than a few laughs.

One Day, a Cat Comes

Dir.: Vojtech Jasny
| 110 minutes

A magician arrives to a small Czech town accompanied by a cat wearing glasses. When the cat removes the glasses, people are revealed in their true colors. A light and inventive comic fantasy, full of song and dance.