Sunday | 17.01.21

Monthly Screenings

Czech That 2019

Opening Event

Screening in the presence of actress Iva Janžurová

The Lady Terrorist

Dir.: Radek Bajgar
| 95 minutes

Marie, a retired teacher, is trying to enjoy her peaceful country life. But when the local pub owner refused her pleads to turn down the loud music, Marie decided to take her revenge…. A witty and goodhearted comedy. 

Diamonds of the Night

Dir.: Jan Nemec
| 63 minutes

Two Jewish youngsters jump off of a train heading for the camps and escape into the forest. They are caught by local peasants after trying to steal a loaf of bread, and are put through a mock execution.


Dir.: Jan Sverák
| 111 minutes

8-year-old Eda lives a pleasant existence with his family in Prague. But when the Nazis conquer Czechoslovakia, his family is deported to the small village of Slavonice.

Screening in the presence of actor Alois Švehlík

On the Roof

Dir.: Jiri Madl
| 100 minutes

Prof. Rypar is a somewhat conservative pensioner who does not quite get along with the new times. When he finds a Vietnamese boy on the roof of his house, threatening to jump, he decides to let Song into his home. 

Intimate Lighting

Dir.: Ivan Passer
| 72 minutes

A professional musician and his fiancée visit old friends in a provincial town. They eat, drink, play music and reminisce. Passer’s second and last feature in his native country is a gentle comedy about the pleasures of everyday life.

Winter Flies

Dir.: Olmo Omerzu
| 81 minutes

Mara steals a car and takes his best friend Hedus on a road trip. Until the police put their hands on them and try to understand why the two youngsters are alone and who their caregivers are, the two will collect numerous adventures.

Sekal Has To Die

Dir.: Vladimir Michalek
| 110 minutes

Sekal, an outcast, takes his revenge on his fellow villagers by collaborating with the Nazis. When a partisan arrives in the town, the townspeople promise to protect him if he kills Sekal. In a style reminiscent of the American Western, Michalek leads us to the tragic end.