Sunday | 07.03.21

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2001: A Tribute

2001: A Space Odyssey

Dir.: Stanley Kubrick
| 164 minutes

Two astronauts aboard Discovery One employ a super computer using artificial intelligence to guide their life-seeking mission to Jupiter as they face fundamental questions about the essence of humanity. Fifty years since its release, 2001 is still a bold, trailblazing cultural event that should not be missed. 


Dir.: Andrei Tarkovsky
| 165 minutes

A group of Cosmonauts sent to explore a strange planet made of liquid gas, is stuck on their space station. After the mysterious death of their doctor, a psychologist is sent to investigate the death, as well as the mental problems of the cosmonauts.


Dir.: Denis Villeneuve
| 116 minutes

Linguist specialist Louise Banks is recruited by the Government to communicate with an alien race that arrived on Earth. This mission will have momentous consequences on her life. Amy Adams is tremendous in this clever work that plays on the heart and mind. 


Dir.: Christopher Nolan
| 169 minutes

A team of explorers undertakes a mission to travel beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars. Christopher Nolan uses this odyssey to create a dystopian vision that examines elementary existential questions.


Dir.: Robert Zemeckis
| 150 minutes

Ellie Arroway, a brilliant scientist spends her time listening for possible messages from outer space. When a message from the star Vega is received, Ellie has to stand up for her beliefs in order to get the chance to do the 50-year trip to Vega.