Friday | 31.03.23

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Archival Treasures – Ultra-Orthodox Life in the Holyland
60 minutes

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The Israel Film Archive will host a special event featuring these rare materials, explaining the research and investigation process, and discussing the historical significance of this incredible film. A rare opportunity to experience priceless historical documentation screened for the first time at the 24th Jewish Film Festival.

Moderated by: Yair Ettinger

1935 | 20 minutes | Silent | Hebrew, English subtitles

Just before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the National Ukrainian Archives sent the Israel Film Archive a never-before-seen selection of films documenting Jewish life in 1930s Pre-State Israel and Poland. There was no decipherable information about the materials, the filmmakers, or those captured on film. After the connection with the Ukrainian Archives was severed due to the current war, the researchers at the Israel Archive set out on a comprehensive historical investigation that led to a Gur Hassid in Tel Aviv, an ultra-Orthodox settlement in the Jezreel Valley, and a delegation of rabbis who perished in the Holocaust.