Friday | 10.07.20

Monthly Screenings
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dir.: Jim Sharman | 101 minutes

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Cinematheque 1 is closing for renovations. To mark the occasion, we invite you to a night to remember with a special screening of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show with all that entails.
Throughout the film, a cast of actors will perform on stage alongside the film, and before the screening will perform an entertaining preview.
So come throw rice and splash water, dance on stage and sing together with the on goings on the screen in an unforgettable experience that combines film, show, and audience participation.


UK 1975 | 101 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

A young and loving couple, Brad and Janet, gets stuck in the middle of a stormy night. They ask for help at a nearby home where, it turns out, an annual gathering of the residents of the remote Transylvania is taking place. Their transvestite host, the Transylvanian leader on earth, urges his guests to stay and watch the experiment of creating a new life.... An outrageous and kinky horror film which is considered the biggest cult movie of all time.