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Depositing Audio-Visual Materials
The Israel Film Archive is the largest and most important public repository of Israeli and Jewish film, housing some 30,000 prints and 11,000 negatives of pre-State and Israeli cinema.
Anyone in possession of Israeli or Jewish filmed materials or having knowledge of the existence of such materials (in 35mm, 16mm, or 8mm formats), is kindly requested to contact us. Preservation of filmed materials by the Israel Film Archive is a free service and in no way affects the legal rights of the filmmaker or depositor.
Recognizing the importance of film as a record of the history of the Jewish people, the Israel Film Archive has made the acquisition and preservation of Jewish and Israeli films a top priority. We have made it our goal to preserve the negative and at least one positive copy of every local cinematic production in order to protect these for posterity. Furthermore, as we move into the digital era, the Archive is making important steps with regard to digital distribution and preservation of these cinematic treasures.
For additional information please contact Meir Russo at