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Interfaith Films

The Path

Dir.: Tobias Wiemann
| 99 minutes

12-year-old Rolf and his father have fled the Nazis. On the Spanish border, they meet their guide: Nuria, a girl, only slightly older than Rolf. When Rolf’s father gets caught, Rolf and Nuria are suddenly on their own. Their adventurous flight across the Pyrenees results in an unexpected friendship. 

Return to Westhoffen

Dir.: Ondine Debré
| 52 minutes

Director Ondine Debré grew up in a classic Parisian household with little knowledge of her Jewish roots. With the need to look deeper into her family history and understand their Jewish heritage, she begun making this film, an historical and personal testimony of the Jews in Alsace.

The Samaritans: A Biblical People

Dir.: Moshe Alafi
| 78 minutes

A fascinating journey into the cultural world of the modern Samaritan community and their 3,500-year-old traditions. Moshe Alafi was granted rare insight into this culture, resulting in an intimate and compelling insider’s view of the Samaritan struggles, of their heart-wrenching choices, their joys, and sorrows.

Wet Dog

Dir.: Damir Lukacevic
| 103 minutes

For the first time in his life, 16-year-old Solheil experiences antisemitism. As a means of self-preservation, he hides his Jewish identity and joins a Muslim gang. Until one day the gang decides to rob a store,  run by a local Jew. Wet Dog boasts a powerful, thought-provoking narrative.


Dir.: Simone Bitton
| 99 minutes

In Morocco, Ziyara – the visit of the Saints – is a popular tradition shared by both Jews and Muslims. As part of a cinematic pilgrimage to her Jewish roots, director Simone Bitton embarks on a road trip across Morocco to meet with the Muslim guardians of the country’s Jewish memory.