Friday | 03.07.20

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Nordic Cinema Showcase

Together with the embassies of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden in Israel, we present the beauty of Nordic culture and offer the first installment of our Exploration of Nordic Cinema. 

The 12th Man

Dir.: Harald Zwart
| 135 minutes

The true story of Norwegian resistance fighter, Jan Baalsruds, who together with a small unit set out to sabotage operations on a German warship during WWII. The film’s strength lies in the spectacular action scenes and in Baalsruds’ encounters with a host of locals who help him. 

People in the Summer Night

Dir.: Valentin Vaala
| 66 minutes

This gorgeous restoration offers a contemplative and composed look at the lives of Finnish residents during one summer night in the middle of the last century. For two days, the villagers will seek advice and decide how to deal with the complex situations they face.

Going West

Dir.: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken
| 80 minutes

After the death of his wife, Georg reconnects with his estranged son Casper. The two embark on a road trip following past memories, but Casper has to accept his father as he is: wearing his wife’s clothes. Going West offers an exquisite, funny, and intelligent experiece.

Stupid Young Heart

Dir.: Selma Vilhunen
| 102 minutes

Though he is far from being the most popular kid in school, Lenni asks queen B Kiira out. She becomes pregnant. He becomes friends with a group of neo-fascists. Feeling isolated, Kiira goes in search for the boy she fell in love with.


Dir.: Aleksi Salmenperȁ
| 97 minutes

The relationship between a struggling screenwriter and a successful actress dreaming of a career in Hollywood becomes strained. With cunning humor, excellent black-and-white photography and the avoidance of sentimentality, Void is a bitter-sweet romantic drama.