Sunday | 20.09.20

Monthly Screenings

New Films

The Party

Dir.: Sally Potter
| 71 minutes

A party hosted by a politician to celebrate a new promotion is derailed with a series of surprising statements from relatives and friends. Celebrated director Sally Potter presents this comedy of manners, a chamber piece with an exceptional cast. 

Happy End

Dir.: Michael Haneke
| 107 minutes

Anne runs the family’s construction company with an iron fist. Her brother is raising his daughter from his first marriage, while his second marriage is falling apart. Michael Haneke’s new film continues to explore the fragility of the family.

The Burglar

Dir.: Hagar Ben Asher
| 94 minutes

A 17-year-old is abandoned by her mother. As if to provoke reality, her house gets violently broken into, leaving nothing intact behind. But, the abyss caused by this event sends her on a quest through forbidden territories, where she finds life, passion, and love. 

Battle of the Sexes

Dir.: Valerie Faris, Jonathan Dayton
| 123 minutes

In 1973, tennis former champion Bobby Riggs challenged the female no. 1 Billie Jean King to a match to determine the stronger sex. 

Au nom de ma fille

Dir.: Vincent Garenq
| 86 minutes

Andre Bamberski spends 27 years consumed with finding what happened to his 14-year-old daughter, who died under suspicious circumstances. The fight for the truth becomes his life mission. 


Dir.: Helene Angel
| 105 minutes

Florence is a dedicated elementary school teacher. When she meets a young boy in distress, Florence will do everything in her power to help him. Sara Forestier is tremendous in this drama about commitment and self-realization. 


Dir.: Matan Yair
| 92 minutes

Seventeen-year-old Asher is split between his charismatic teacher and his brash father, who wants him to take over his scaffolding business.


Dir.: Valérie Lemercier
| 95 minutes

At 50, Marie-Francine finds herself without her husband or her job and living back with her parents. Miguel doesn’t want to admit that he is in a similar boat. How will they ever become grownups without their own home?


Dir.: Naomi Kawase
| 101 minutes

Misako works as a writer of film versions for the visually impaired. Nakamori is an older photographer who is gradually losing his sight. While she translates films for him, he opens her eyes to the hidden beauty of the world.


Dir.: Samuel Maoz
| 113 minutes

Foxtrot is the story of a family. The parents live in their comfortable apartment; their son, a soldier, is posted far from them. Despite the distance and total estrangement, they change each other’s fate.