Monthly Screenings

Cinematic Variations on Live Classical Music 2018/19

26th Season * November 2018 - June 2019
From Chopin, Manuel de Falla, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Bizet, Fauré and Poulenc through Marlene Dietrich, Arik Einstein, Jonas Kaufmann, John Coltrane, Oum Kulthum, Charles Trenet, Sergiu Celibidache to Carlos Saura, Jacques Demy, Larry Weinstein and Gérald Caillat
A joint project of the Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
This season, Cinematic Variations on Live Classical Music will include 15 events, meeting twice monthly on Saturday mornings at 11:00.
Each event includes a short concert, lecture in Hebrew and screening of a full-length film.
Unless otherwise indicated, each event lasts 2-3 hours.
Participants include teachers and students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, as well as guest artists and lecturers.
The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the program. All changes will be published in the monthly program and website of the Jerusalem Cinematheque.
There will be no entrance to the hall during the concert section of the program.
Tickets: 90 NIS / Senior citizens and soldiers: 70 NIS / Jerusalem residents: 80 NIS / Cinematheque members: 55 NIS per event
Cinematheque subscribers may purchase a multi-ticket that includes free admission to ten of the Cinematic Variations events, at an additional price of 250 NIS*
Multi-ticket available beginning 02.10.2018
• The multi-ticket is personal and is valid for the 2018/19 season only.
• Tickets (for both subscription holders and for single tickets) may be ordered for the next event in advance, beginning Friday before each event. There will be no refunds, and it will not be possible to replace tickets for orders that were not used or were canceled less than 24 hours before the event.
• There will be no entry into the hall during the concert section of the program.
• The organizers reserve the right to change the order of the programs, and in exceptional cases, for technical reasons, may change the film on a certain date. Changes will be published in the monthly program and website of the Jerusalem Cinematheque.


The World of the Symphony – From Tchaikovsky, Dvořák and Sibelius, until Shostakovich and Copland

The Symphony in the Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century, a Genre that Never Lost Its Appeal / lectur (in Heb.), concert, film

The Symphony

Dir.: Simon Broughton
| 118 minutes

This BBC series presents a radical reappraisal of the place of the symphony in the modern world and explores the surprising way in which it has shaped our history and identity. Screening of parts 3 and 4 - New Nations and New Worlds and Revolution and the Rebirth by Simon Broughton

The Legacy of Saxophone Maestro John Coltrane

A Groundbreaking Artist Who Taught Generations to Come What It Takes to Become a Jazz Legend / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary

Dir.: John Sheinfeld
| 99 minutes

At every stage of his hard life, John Coltrane’s unique musical abilities developed and ultimately propelled him to greatness in the United States and around the world. Coltrane never stopped searching for musical breakthroughs, for ways to push boundaries.

Remembering Arik Einstein

A portrait of the singer and artist, inspired by a new series documenting his life / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

A Standard Love Song: Arik Einstein, Eps. 1 & 3

Created by: Avida Livny, Assaf Amir, Yoav Kutner
| 104 minutes

A Standard Love Song is a musical biography of Arik Einstein, the artist whose voice served as the anchor for Israeli culture, and whose life tells the story of Tel Aviv, of Israel, and of Israelis: dreamers, warriors, artists, and lovers.

Charles Trenet – Le fou chantant

Lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Charles Trenet

Dir.: Christian Mesnil, Greta Van Den Bempt
| 53 minutes

Charles Trenet (1913-2001) - singer, poet, composer, writer. This documentary follows Charles Trenet’s seven decade-long career, from his early success, his whirlwind tour around the American continent, his abandonment by the public in favor, his retirement in 1975, and until his comeback.

Portrait of a Tenor: The Magic of Jonas Kaufmann

Lecture, concert, film

Jonas Kaufmann, Tenor for the Ages

Dir.: John Bridcut
| 90 minutes

This is an intimate look at of one of the greatest tenors of our time, as seen through his eyes and those of friends and associates. Jonas Kaufmann's sheer talent, great intelligence, and overall pleasant demeanor come together in this portrait of this artist.

Noble Sentimentality – Gabriel Fauré and Francis Poulenc

The Personality and Work of the Two French Composers Working Alongside the Impressionists / lecture, concert, film

Sacred Music: Fauré and Poulenc

Dir.: Francesca Kemp
| 60 minutes

Simon Russel Beale travels through the urban and rural landscape of France to explore the story behind Fauré's much-loved Requiem, one of the best loved pieces of sacred music ever written. He goes on to discover how this work laid the foundations for a distinctively French style.

Song of the Wind – Music of the Pampas

From Folklore to Representative Stage Performance Art – An Interpretive Perspective on Argentina’s Musical Folklore Narrative / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film 


Dir.: Carlos Saura
| 85 minutes

The film explores the heart of traditional Argentine folklore via a series of choreographed tableaux retracing a history rich in original culture. The unique mise-en-scène of the dance mixed with awe-inspiring traditional songs performed by the greatest bands and singers make it a new reference. 

A Night in the Gardens of Spain to the Sounds of Manuel De Falla

The National Cultural Life Work of the Great Spanish Composer / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

When the Fire Burns: The Life and Music of Manuel de Falla

Dir.: Larry Weinstein
| 82 minutes

Filmed throughout Spain and Argentina, this musical documentary portrait captures the rich sensuality of Manuel de Falla’s music, in counter-point to the near monastic austerity of his life.

French Opera’s Most Successful Failure: Carmen’s Uniqueness and Innovation

Lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Loving Carmen

Dir.: Nayo Titzin
| 65 minutes

Georges Bizet's Carmen is the most staged, most recorded and most shot opera in the world. This movie shows the different ways of transforming the character into a favorite and immortal love story treated in art, literature, music and cinema. 

A Tribute to Marlene Dietrich - The Singer of the War

On the Unique Moral Position of the Singer Marlene Dietrich / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Marlene Dietrich – Her Own Song

Dir.: J. David Riva
| 100 minutes

Marlene Dietrich - Her Own Song begins in vibrant Berlin of the ‘20s and ‘30s, and looks at the beginning of her success, her stage career followed by cinematic pursuits. J. David Riva, Dietrich’s grandson, uses unique materials from her personal archives to shed new light on the story of her life.

Chopin's Works - A Guide for the Perplexed

It is impossible to imagine the piano repertoire without the compositions of Chopin, who revolutionized piano technique and expression / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Art of Chopin

Dir.: Gérald Caillat
| 53 minutes

Celebrating the 200th birthday of the great composer, this documentary is a tribute to Chopin’s art and his highly original style of composition and shows how much of a contribution he made to 20th century music and modern-day piano music. 

Celibidache – The Power of Charisma

The Extraordinary and Influential Personality of Conductor Sergiu Celibidache / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Sergiu Celibidache: The Triumphant Return

Dir.: Wolfgang Becker
| 54 minutes

The Berliners had to wait 38 years before Sergiu Celibidache returned to conduct them again in 1992.  The documentary shows conductor and orchestra rehearsing for this memorable occasion. The result is a fascinating record of the conductor’s triumphant return.

Michel Legrand - A French Love

The ingenuous music of Michel Legrand, who combined French chanson, opera and musicals into one formula that conquered the world / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Il était une fois… Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Dir.: Marie Genin, Serge July
| 52 minutes

Anyone who thinks Jacques Demy created an effortlessly colorful, musical, and romantic film should see this making-of, which re-creates the creation of “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.” Yes, the film is beautifully vibrant, but it resulted from Demy’s exactingly detailed design. 

Tarab - The Peak of Musical Emotion

Oum Kalthoum - The Star of the Orient and the Secret Behind Her Magic / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film

Oum Kalthoum, La Voix du Caire

Dir.: Xavier Villetard
| 53 minutes

This is the journey of the renowned diva Oum Kalthoum from a village in the Nile Delta to the peak of world culture, starting with religious songs through popular songs to the creation of her unique and groundbreaking style. 

The Amy Winehouse Phenomenon

Her Uniqueness and the Surprising Success of Non-Uniqueness: The Influence of the Influenced Artist / lecture (in Heb.), concert, film


Dir.: Asif Kapadia
| 128 minutes

This is a story of a rare talent that managed to break through and capture everyone's attention; of a well-loved and desired musician who collapsed under the gaze of millions of fans.