Sunday | 17.01.21

Monthly Screenings

Around the World: Japan

12 sessions, every other week, Sun., 10:00-13:00

Price: 685 NIS

Warriors in the Dark and Light: Samurai and Ninja - The Real Story

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Danny Orbach

The Hidden Blade

Dir.: Yôji Yamada
| 132 minutes

Yaichiro is a warrior who must leave his family in the care of two other samurai after he answers a request for his services in another town. Muenezo and Samon do their best to protect the family when they come under attack during Yaichiro's absence. 

A Glimpse into the Japanese Inner World

Speaker (in Heb.): Galia Dor

Shall We Dance?

Dir.: Masayuki Suo
| 135 minutes

Syohei, an accountant stuck in the midst of the midlife doldrums, sees a woman staring out a second floor window. It turns out she is an instructor at a dancing studio. Syohei signs up for lessons...

Rashomon: The film that became a Staple

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Odaya Cohen Raz


Dir.: Akira Kurosawa
| 88 minutes

On the background of the civil war which divided Japan in the Middle Ages, Kurosawa’s landmark film tells of an incident involving a samurai, his wife and a bandit.

Food, Culture and Identity in Japan

Speaker (in Heb.): Helena Grinshpun

Sweet Bean

Dir.: Naomi Kawase
| 113 minutes

The manager of a pancake stall and a sympathetic elderly lady that makes home-made Ans (bean jelly filled pancakes) develop a relationship that is about much more than just street food. A beautiful and composed drama filled with culinary vistas.

Life and Death Rituals in Japanese Culture

Speaker (in Heb.): Prof. Nissim Otmazgin


Dir.: Yojiro Takita
| 130 minutes

When the orchestra where he plays the cello is dissolved, Daigo and his wife return to his village in northern Japan. He finds a job in a funeral home, and as strange as it may sound - it appears that preparing the deceased bodies for burial may be his true calling.

Japanese Glass Ceiling

Speaker (in Heb.): Dina Heimann

Fear and Trembling

Dir.: Alain Corneau
| 107 minutes

Amelie, a French girl who spent the first five years of her life in Japan, heads back to the Land of the Rising Sun and finds work as a translator in a Japanese company. What awaits her, however, is disillusionment, culture shock and workplace troubles

Humor in Japanese Cinema

Speaker (in Heb.): Meital Levin


Dir.: Juzo Itami
| 114 minutes

Wonderful satire of modern Japanese society – its morals and mores – focusing on food and eating, food and crime, food and sex and much more.... 

Japanese Work World

Speaker (in Heb.): Ayelet Eidelberg

Tokyo Sonata

Dir.: Kiyoshi Kurosawa
| 119 minutes

Ryuhei Sasaki, a respectable man in his 50s, heads a department of a large Japanese company that is transferred to China. Unemployed and afraid to tell his family about this new reality, he leaves home every morning to wait at the employment office. 

On Emotions and Nuances in an Intercultural Perspective

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Dalit Bloch

Our Little Sister

Dir.: Hirokazu Koreeda
| 126 minutes

Three sisters discover that their late father fathered another girl, now aged 15. As her mother passed away, they invite their new sister to live with them. Our Little Sister is a subtle drama about the power and fragility of family.