Monday | 28.11.22

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Lies My Father Told Me
Dir.: Ján Kadár | 102 minutes

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Canada 1975 | 102 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Set in Montreal’s Jewish ghetto in the 1920s, Lies My Father Told Me is a nostalgic portrait of Canadian immigrant life. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ján Kadár (THE SHOP ON MAIN STREET) the film hinges on the relationship between a boy and his grandfather. Every day, six-year-old David Herman eagerly accompanies his grandfather (Yossi Yadin) as he peddles goods in his horse-drawn cart. David idolizes his grandfather, the family patriarch, who adheres to the simple ways of life and honest hard work. His father, on the other hand, won't work and dreams of more material ambitions…. When his grandfather dies, David discovers the pains of growing up. Presented in a beautifully restored new digital copy.

Kindly supported by the Embassy of Canada in Israel.