Monday | 26.10.20

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Dir.: Ariel Semmel | 80 minutes

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Israel 2019 | 80 minutes | Hebrew, English | Hebrew subtitles

For the last 24 years, I have been documenting my life obsessively. My journey started in Tel Aviv in 1996, when extra-terrestrials abducted me from my bedroom. The event left me in shock. I closed my production company and hit the road, searching for an answer. I went to Roswell, New York, Paris, and Cuba. I filmed people who were abducted and got implants in their bodies. Suddenly, a Mossad agent shows up, trying to sabotage the production. Then my mom dies, and I find out I was adopted. My father turns out to be a dangerous criminal. My kids and their mom leave for California. I drink and fuck all the time. I hear voices in my head. My name Is Ariel Semmel and Parano is my crazy true story.

For ages 16+