Saturday | 07.12.19

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The Legacy of Saxophone Maestro John Coltrane
Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary
Dir.: John Sheinfeld | 99 minutes

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A Groundbreaking Artist Who Taught Generations to Come What It Takes to Become a Jazz Legend

Lecture (in Heb.) by: Roee Ben Sira

Concert performed by Jazz Quartet: Roee Ben Sira  piano, Matan Vardi  saxophone, Rosa Léa Salamon upright bass, Haim Peskoff  drums

In the program: “Impressions”, “Blue Trane”, “Giant Steps” and more from the repertoire of John Coltrane

USA 2016 | 99 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

John Coltrane knew by age 12 that the saxophone was his instrument – and that music would serve as an anchor for him during difficult times. At 13, his father died and his mother moved to New Jersey, leaving him alone and to fend for himself. Yet at every stage of his hard life, which ended at age 41, Coltrane’s unique musical abilities developed and ultimately propelled him to greatness in the United States and around the world. Even after soaring to success, Coltrane never stopped searching for musical breakthroughs, for ways to push boundaries, even if audiences sometimes found that challenging. An impressive roster of jazz legends and other notable personalities (Wynton Marsalis, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Carlos Santana, Bill Clinton, Cornell West) reflect on Coltrane’s talent and importance, which remain undiminished despite the brevity of his career.